Življenjepis 1 – kako napisati CV

Če boste iskali novo službo, boste potrebovali tudi angleško verzijo življenjepisa. Tule je nekaj opornih točk za pisanje!

Resume Format

Resumes come in many different formats and are generally all accepted by employers. The most important thing is that a resume must grab the employers’ attention within 30 seconds.

The two most popular resume formats are:

  1. The chronological resume format
  2. The functional resume format

Remember that it is crucial that you highlight your “selling points” to the employer regardless of which resume format you decide on.

The traditional and most commonly used resume format is the chronological format- so named because the core component of the resume is a chronological review of your employment history. The advantage of this resume format is that it highlights your past work experiences and details performed in those previous jobs.

Personal information – What is your name and how can you be reached?
Job Objective – What do you want to do?
Experience – What can you do?
Education – What have you learned?

Chronological resume format

Personal information
The contact information should be placed on top of your resume. It should include your name, address, phone number and email.

Job objective
This is optional. The job objective allows employers to review and analyse your resume and shows employers the direction you want to go.

Employment History
What you put in your employment section will depend on what the job is and what you have done. You should describe your experience in the most interesting and concise manner. For each job you have held, list the following information:

  1. Dates of employment
  2. Name of the company you worked for
  3. Position title
  4. Description of the duties you performed

Include your degrees, where you graduated, certification and awards

Skills and Abilities
This is the place to put important and/or interesting information that does not fit anywhere else. With the advance of technology, it is increasingly important to include a section on computer skills.

References or referees are people you know that can attest to your personality and vindicate your skills. Preferably you should have at least 3 people who can serve as your referees. It is important to let your referees know about a possible call so that they are well prepared when the call does come.