Slovar slenga

Angleški sleng
Angleški sleng

~ A ~

a minute
A long time.  Not just 60 seconds.  “Dang! I haven’t seen you in a minute, girl, where you been?”

(Pronounced “ite”) All right

Ace Boon Coon
1. A euphemistic way of saying my ni**a or my best friend. Note: because of the use of the word ‘coon’ this is a very explosive word just like the ‘N’ word.  African Americans may use it among themselves, but it is rude (and grounds for a beat down in some circles)for someone of another ethnicity to use it.  In other words, it’s an ‘off-limits’ word.  “Johnny and me been down since we was shorties.  You know he my Ace Boon Coon.”

all that
1. of a superior nature; wonderful or attractive.  “Jaquin think he’s all that.” “That song is all that and a bag a chips!”

~ B ~

1. Your homeboy…like a brother.  2. Some youth still use this as a derogatory term for a female, short for bit**

ba dink-a-dink
1. small rear end of a female.  opposite of a ba dunk-a-dunk.  “She all little, but I’ll hit that ba-dink-a-dink like it was some ba-dunk-a-dunk!”

baby daddy
1. a male, often a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend. Most often means the father of, or someone who provides for, a female’s child. Derived from  “He is my baby’s daddy. When my baby daddy get back, he’ll bust you in your grill!” Lyrical reference: JOE LYRICS – Ain’t Nothin’ Like Me  “Your man fiance trick ya baby daddy…”

1. A term for the police.  Derived from the earlier reference to police as “pigs.”  “You smell bacon?  Oh snap!  Here comes 5.0.”

~ C ~

1. Money.  “If I can’t bake cake, then I’ll take cake.” 2. A large amount of cocaine, usually a kilogram worth.  “I’m about to come up on cheese as soon as I’m done slangen this cake.” Lyrical reference: LIL MAMMA LYRICS – G-Slide (Tour Bus)  “”Shorty got cake like uh Duncan Hines””

1. A female that has a large and voluptuous backside.  “Oh, girl right there got cakes!”

1. Trying to get at or “mack” someone.  “Casey is always cakin on girls.”

1. A code word for sex.  “I went to Jaquilla’s house last night and she gave me some of dat candy” 2. A code word for the club drug known as ecstacy.  “Where did you buy that candy that you had at the rave last night?”

~ D ~

1. Dayton Rims.  Expensive custom rims for cars.  “I just got a new cadillac and I think that I’m going to throw some d’s on it.”

1. male genitalia.  derived from “di#@”

1. short for down low.  See “down low.”

da bomb
1. n. A mid nineties term for the best. A great thing or situation.  “That CD is the bomb!” “His corvette is the bomb!” “This place is the bomb!” Lyrical reference: DMX LYRICS  “”Shorty was da bomb…””

~ E ~

1. n. Term used for the drug “Ecstasy.” Sometimes called “X”  “Lets go score some ‘E'”

ease up
1. means calm down or back up.

1. Good bye.  Also see “late” or “peace”  “I’ll see you later.  Easy!” 2. A person who is quick to have sex or is easily influenced into having sex.  “You Johnny, you better get at her; she’s easy.”

1. n.  e-class is a very nice type of Mercedes Benz.  2. n. even though an e-class is a Benz, in some circles, they’ll refer to a really expensive car (i.e. Mercedes, Bently, Rolls Royce, BMW) as an e-class.  “Homie ridin’ e-class.”

~ F ~

1. To exhibit the intoxicating effects of a marijuana or alcohol.  “Dawg, pass the spliff so’s I can get faded.”

1. Not true.  “Stop falsing!”

1. n. Family, friend or someone you’re closely connected to.  “Hey yo, what up fam?”

1. a marijuana joint.  2. a big posterior on a female.  “Check out the fatty on her.”

~ G ~

1. n. (derived from “Gangster”) A name for anyone you would associate with. A name when greeting a friend.  “Whasup G?”

G – money
1. More than just a “G.”  (see “G”) A term for your friend or acquaintance, usually someone who is good at what they do.  See “money.”

g’d up
1. To look good.

1. to steal.

~H ~

hack or hackin’
1. To make fun of someone, or to insult, or correct him or her repeatedly.  Usually a fun-loving term between friends.  “Why you always gotta hack on me?” 2. To get hit or fouled in a basketball game.

1. A large bottle of alcohol; usually a half gallon worth.  “You want me to make you a drink? I got that handle left over from the other day.” 2. One’s email or onling address, name or title.  3. A term that refers to a player’s capability to control the ball in a basketball game.

1. v. derived from “hating.”  To do bad things or say bad things to someone.  To express dislike.  “Why you gotta be haten on me?!!”

1. A male receiving oral sex.  “Matt told mike that Jessica gives real good head.” Lyrical reference: Artist: Too-Short; Album: Get In Where You Fit In; Song: Blow Job Betty  ““She’s the kind of girl you think about in bed. Blow Job Betty givin’ real good head.””

~ I ~

I’ll bust a cap in your #$&?!! (posterior)
1. To shoot someone (not necessarily just in the gluteus maximus).  “Man, you best stop mad dawging me or I’ll bust a cap in your #$&?!!”

I’m out
1. (derived from “I’m out of here”) Something to say when leaving, as if to say  “I’m out of here.”

I’m straight
1. to declare that you are all right in your current state of being, as if to say  “I’m cool,” or “I’m good already.”

1. jewelry, bling, usually just diamonds.  “Man, I’m about to jack that ice he’s got on.” 2. A veriation of the drug meth.

~ J ~

1. n. meaning marijuana.  “Let’s go smoke some jaba.”

1. (v.) to steal. Originally derived from “car-jack,” although, now pertains to stealing anything.  “Check out his new walkman…let’s jack it!” 2. n. Another reference to a telephone.  “I just got off the jack, waiting for him to call me back.”

1. v./adj.Thoroughly annihilated. Messed up.  “Man, the barber jacked up your hair. Billy, what happened? Your car is jacked!” 2. Stolen.  “Billy, what happened to your car, did it get jacked!” 3. Can also mean very influenced by marijuana.  “D’ja see T? Man, is he jacked!”

1. A female who is really attractive but under age.  “Hey, check out that jail-bait.”

~ K ~

keep it real
1. a phrase used to say goodbye.  Just as if to say, “peace.”  “I gotta go Brian.” “Okay.  Keep it real.”

1. n. Very close friend.  The word derives from the old show, The Lone Ranger. Kemosabe was the nick name given to the Lone Ranger’s side kick Tonto.  “I gots love for Hashim. That’s my kemosabe”

kick game
1. see spittin’ game.

kickin’ it
1. v. To relax, usually with ones friends. To merely exist, usually with no work involved.  “Where are you going Billy?” “Just kickin’ it with my friends!”

~ L ~

1. see “blunt.”

L 7
1. Another way of calling someone a square or a nerd.  Derived from text messaging- it looks like “a square.”  “Man that dudes an L 7.”

La La
1. A term for marijuana.  “Smoke that la la.”

1. A word to describe something or someone that is no good, worthless or that you just don’t like.  “Joe is one lame basketball player.”

~ M ~

1. alright.  A little above mediocre.  “Do you like that youth pastor?” Yea, he’s M&M.”

1. n. text code for motherf*#^er; you begin with “m” (for mother) then 10 (for the next 10 letters) followed by “r”  Often used in texting, also seen as ml0r  “I can’t believe this m10r… he’s gonna give us a pop quiz today!”

ma duke
1. n. slang for mother  “You can cap all you want, just don’t talk about ma dukes or it’s gonna be on dog.”

ma or mami
1. a female, usually Spanish or Puerto Rican.  Usually used in a pick up line.  “Hey ma.  You lookin’ good tonight.”

~ N ~

1. adj. tightly coiled, curled or tangled hair.  Hair distinctive to some Africans or African Americans while in its natural state, or locked in dreads  “Yo Mamma hair is so nappy, she got to take a Tylenol just to comb it!”

nappy dugout
1. n. A slang word for a woman’s vagina. The word was made known by George Clinton and the Funkadelics and later tapped by Ice Cube in his song “givin up the nappy dugout.” The term was also used in the film “Bulworth” by Warren Beaty’s character after he picked up the term hanging in the hood.  “the nappy dugout, its where you gets the bugout–from Bulworth”

1. A word used to describe something that is ridiculously good or someone who is excellent in what they do.  “Kobe was nasty on that basketball court last night.”

1. v. Let’s go.  “Lets navigate.”

~ O ~

1. Over doing it.  “Dashawn you o.d.’in with them chips.”

1. Derived from “Orginal Gangsta.”  A term referring to a real gangster, not one of the “many wanna-be’s posing” out there.

O.G. style
1. A way of saying that you did something gangster.  **See O.G.  “You did that all O-G style dawg.”

off the chain
1. fun or exciting. See “off the hook.”

~ P ~

1. An old school term still used in some parts for house.  “Yo lets go chill at my pad.”

1. n. money  “I got to get me some paper if I’m going to be rollin’ with them.” 2. n. the papers used to roll joints

1. Someone who is on parole or on probation  “I don’t smoke weed- I’m on papers.

1. v. relaxing and communicating, like sitting and talking to a female.  “Check out Reggie parlayin with Shana.”

~ Q ~

1. n. A homosexual male who is extremely flamboyant and exemplifies many female traits and gestures.  “I’ve seen some gay people in my life, but that fool is straight up a queen.”

~ R ~

R. Kelly
1. v.  To have sexual relations with a younger woman.  Because R&B singer R. Kelly has that reputation.  “Why you R. Kellyin’ those jr. high girls, One time?”

1. adj.  Worn or broken down.  See “tore up.”  “Get your raggedy ride out a here poser!”

1. adj. anything pure or untampered with.  Hardcore or very intense  “I don’t even like to joke with Mr. Jones, he raw then a mug.” 2. adv. Sex without a condom  “Ol’ Dirt used to sing how he liked it raw, until he died.”

Real Talk
1. The Truth.Something very serious.  “I can’t stand it when these so-called rappers be tryin’ to rap about how hard they are when they just studio gangsta’s and dat’s real talk.”

~ S ~

1. (derived from “s’allrigh” or “it’s all right”) everything is okay, no problems.  “J.T., you want me to help you with that?” “S’righ”

S.T. Rugglin
1. a name given to someone who is struggling.  “You’re S.T. rugglin.”

1. abbreviation for “sucks to be you.” Often a put down used in texting.  “I sw you wt Franklin at the mall …s.t.b.y.”

1. n. A bag (usually a zip lock bag) of marijuana/weed.  The term usually is preceded by the dollar amount.  “Tonight I’m gonna get faded off this dub sack I just bought.”

~ T ~

T Jones
1. n. Someone’s mother or grandmother  “Hey Jay, let’s go over to yo’ crib, yo T Jones be cookin’ up some good food.”

1. adj. When a large or fat person goes into a destructive rampage.  “Dang, did you see big fella tankin’ on Lil’ D when D stone his fires?”

1. or “tap that a**.”  To have sex with somebody.  “Hey dawg- I saw you with Katie.  Did you tap that a** or what?”

tap that
1. “see ‘tap'”

~ U ~

up in
1. up in here, up in this place, up in that . . . A description of where you currently are, or are going.  “Yo, why you all up in here, I’m trying to sleep.”

up my game
1. v. to improve your skills in an particular area.  “Now that I’m in the 10th grade I’m a have to up my game in talkin’ to these honies.”

1. the ability to jump very high. (see “hops”).  “Look, Billy’s got mad ups!”

~ V ~

1. n. Viddlez is known as food back in the day.  “Yo.  I need some viddlez.  I am too hungry!”

1. Wide wheels, sometimes with white walls.

~ W ~

1. adj.  Weak, uncool, or poor quality. Something undesirable.  “That girl is wack.”

1. see “wack.”

1. n. a large butt, a woman’s derriere. (see badunkadunk)  “I like Judy cause she got that wagon that I wanna pull.”

wale tail
1. As in the term for the look of the thong underwear peeking above the back of a girl’s pants.  “Mark did you see that wale tail?”

~ X ~

1. n. Term used for the drug “Ecstasy.” A pill used at Raves(parties). Sometimes called “E”.

~ Y ~

Ya digg?
1. A way of asking someone if they agree with you or if they understand what you are saying.  “Yo, that Kings game was hot, ya digg?”

ya’ mean
1. (short for: “You know what I mean”) A term used to affirm another person’s understanding of what you are speaking about.  “Yo, I’m bout to come up on this paper, ya’ mean.”

1. adv. A term used to warn an individual(s) to approach you with hostility and or to get out of your face.  “Yahh Homie, you need to check yourself before you gets hurt.” Lyrical reference: SOULJA BOY & FT. ARAB – Tellem Yahhh  “Man when somebody be in your face, on your nerves just talkin and talkin and you don’t wanna hear it, just be like YAHHH Trick! YAHHH! Hey Soulja Boy, YAHHH! Trick, YAHHH! Get out my face.”

1. slang for ‘Yes Sir’. Made popular by Pharell on Snoop dogg’s song, ‘Let’s get blown’  “Man did you git wit Gina last night? Yezzur!”

~ Z ~

1. A measurement of marijuana.  One ounce, 28 grams of weed.  2. Also used in reference to a quarter pound of marijuana.  “Yo, Frankie we should reup with Mike, he sells zones for a bill.”

zoned out/zonen
1. v./adv. A term used to refer to the similar actions of daydreaming, unaware of the moment, usually lost in deep thought.  The actions of a person who is intoxicated and unable to control their thoughts.  “Leave Matt alone. He’s zoned out.”

1. adv. to be highor drunk.  “Look at RayJay fall all over the floor tryin’ to do the stanky leg. Man that fool is zooted!” Lyrical reference: SOULJA BOY – Zooted  “New kicks fresh cut clean white tee
I’m zooted
Got Js got YUMS got nikes
I’m zooted
Supa swag no you can’t get like me souljaboy tell em my chain so icey”

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