Idioms: Sports

Idiom: an expression having a special meaning which is not clear from the usual meaning of the words in the expression

To go to bat for someone

Definition: to help or support someone (taken from baseball)

EXAMPLE: I like Kenji. When I needed him, he went to bat for me. That is why I got this job

EXAMPLE: If you are in trouble, our company will go to bat for you.

To hit a home run (variation: homer)

Definition: to be very successful at(on) one occassion (taken from baseball)

EXAMPLE: I just hit a home run! I got 100% on my history exam.

To face off against someone (taken from ice hockey)

Definition: to meet someone in a tense situation (usually an important issue is being discussed)

EXAMPLE: Sandy is facing off with her boss again. She wants a raise in pay

EXAMPLE: The union and management are facing off at the meeting this afternoon.

To strike out (taken from baseball)

Definition: to fail at something

EXAMPLE: Dolores struck out when she tried to get her job back. She should not have quit in the first place.

EXAMPLE: After Bob found out that he did not win the lottery he said, “I struck out again.”