Idiomi – kratke video razlage

All Along
At Odds
Back to the Drawing Board
Be in Hot Water
Beat Around the Bush
Bite Your Tongue
Blow Over
Book Worm
Come Clean
Fair and Square
Falling Apart
Get An Earful
Get Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
Go Overboard
Go up in Smoke
Hard Feelings
Have a Crush
Hush Hush
In the Dog House
Jump Down Your Throat
Kick Yourself
Let Your Hair Down
Live Wire
Lose Track
Make Sense
Make The Best Of
Make Your Hair Stand on End
Monkey Around
On the Rocks
Pass Away
Pass the Buck
Put Heads Together
Put Your Finger On
Scratch the Surface
Shoot the Breeze
Short End Of The Stick
Steer Clear
Under My Skin
Under the Knife
Wear the Pants
Well Off