Idiomi – video slovar A

Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

abase (v) : to embarrass or shame someone else; it also means to lower yourself physically or in rank

abdicate (v) : to give up power or control

abduction (n) : word abduction refers to a kidnapping, taking away or carrying someone off against his or her will

abet (v) : to give help to someone who is doing something wrong

abeyance (n) : a state of temporary inactivity or to stop for a period of time

abnegation (n) : word abnegation refers to the act of staying away from something

abominable (adj) : very unlikable, easy to hate, or disgusting

abound (v) : to exist in great size or large numbers

abrasive (adj) : something that is rough like sandpaper, or something causing friction or tension

abridge (v) : to cut short, reduce in size or to shrink

absolute (adj) : full, perfect, or complete; it also means without limits or boundaries

absorb (v) : to get someone’s full interest; it also means to suck up or to take in

abstain (v) : to hold back from something, avoid, or quit

abstruse (adj) : deep, hard to understand, or complicated

abusive (adj) : treating someone or something badly or being harmful or insulting

abysmal (adj) : terrible or awful

academic (adj) : having to do with formal education or with teaching and learning

accentuate (v) : to make something more important or to highlight

accessory (n) : an assistant, and also refers to an add-on

acclivity (n) : an upward slope (as of ground)

accolade (n) : awards, honors, or praise

accommodate (v) : to make room for something, to help out, to go well with, or to do a favor for someone

accouter (v) : to give clothing and equipment to someone, especially for military service

accrue (v) : to grow in size or number over time, to add to something slowly

acerbity (n) : bitterness, roughness or sharpness

acetic (adj) : sour, acid-like, related to vinegar

acidulous (adj) : sour or sharp in taste or manner

acrid (adj) : acid, sour, biting or stinging, burning, or bitter in taste or manner

acrimonious (adj) : bitter or harsh

actuarial (adj) : having to do with insurance risks and premiums

acuity (n) : keenness, acuteness or sharpness

acumen (n) : great skill, smartness

adapt (v) : to adjust or to change something to meet a new circumstance

addendum (n) : an addition at the end of a book, an extra part, or something added

adept (adj) : highly skilled or experienced in a particular area, proficient

adjourn (v) : to postpone to a later time, or to move to another room during a meeting or in court

adjunct (n) : someone with lesser status or someone or something that provides assistance

admonish (v) : to scold gently, to correct in a well meaning way

adorn (v) : to decorate, make prettier or to beautify

adumbrate (trv) : to outline, or to foreshadow

adverse (adj) : bad, unfavorable, or against someone or something

advocacy (n) : support, help, or the act of fighting for something or someone

advocate (v) : to support, speak, or act in favor of something

aegis (n) : sponsorship, leadership or protection

affable (adj) : friendly, easy to be around, or having good manners and pleasant speech

affiliation (n) : a connection to or an association with someone or something

affinity (n) : a family relationship that is not by blood but by marriage, or a natural attraction

affix (v) : to attach, to connect, to add on, or to secure

affront (n) : an insult or show of disrespect

aftermath (n) : the results of an event, the effects or outcome of an action or situation

agenda (n) : a plan, list of things to be done or something one hopes to accomplish

agglomeration (n) : a cluster of something, mass of varied parts

aggrandize (v) : to expand something or make it bigger, to exaggerate

aghast (adj) : to be in wonder or fear, feeling great horror, or being very upset at seeing something

agility (n) : the ability to move or think quickly and easily

agnostic (n) : someone who is not certain about existence of god

agog (adj) : to be very excited, eager and full of interest

alacrity (n) : being eager, ready, and willing to do something

alchemy (n) : a medieval chemical science aiming to convert the base metals into gold

alias (n) : a false name often used as a disguise

alimony (n) : payment made to a former spouse to help with living expenses

allay (v) : to calm, to ease

allege (v) : to claim that something is true

allegory (n) : a story that symbolizes an abstract meaning

alloy (n) : a combination of two or more metals

allude (v) : to suggest or refer to something indirectly

aloft (adv) : held up, in the air, flying, or in a high place

amalgam (n) : a combination or mixture

amass (v) : to collect for oneself or to accumulate

ambience (n) : the atmosphere or feeling of a place

ambivalent (adj) : undecided or simultaneously having opposite or conflicting feelings, such as love and hate

ameliorate (v) : to make more tolerable or to make better

amenable (adj) : ready to be changed or controlled

amenities (n) : pleasant qualities or behavior, or pleasant features or attractions

amiss (adj) : word amiss refers to something that seems wrong about a situation, when something is not right or is out of order

amity (n) : friendship and peaceful harmony

amorous (adj) : word amorous refers to being loving, full of love, having to do with sexual love

ample (adj) : plenty, more than enough

amputate (v) : to cut off a limb or body part, usually during surgery

anachronistic (adj) : out of place in a particular time period or out of chronological order

analgesic (n) : a pain killer or a remedy for pain

analogous (adj) : very similar or comparable in some way

ancestry (n) : family ties or all the members of your family that came before you

angular (adj) : having angles; it can also mean stiff and awkward

animosity (n) : word animosity refers to extreme dislike, hatred, or ill will

animus (n) : a feeling of strong dislike or hatred

anoint (v) : to rub or sprinkle oil on, to make sacred, or to choose by divine knowledge

anomalous (adj) : to be out of the ordinary or unusual

anonymity (n) : being nameless or having no personal identity

antagonism (n) : an opposition, tension or competition between two or more things

antecede (v) : to come before something

antedate (v) : to happen before a particular time or date, or to assign an earlier date to something

anthology (n) : a collection of literary pieces in a single format, like a book

anthropocentric (adj) : believing humans are central to and above everything in the universe

anthropoid (adj) : looking like a human, especially certain types of apes

anthropologist (n) : a person who studies human behavior & nature, & the development & origins of human society

antipathy (n) : dislike, hatred, or the object of dislike

antiquated (adj) : very old, behind the times, or antique

antithesis (n) : the exact opposite of something or someone

ape (v) : to copy or mimic the actions of someone

apiary (n) : a place where bees are kept

apolitical (adj) : not political, not concerned with politicians or the government

apostate (n) : a person who turns against their religious beliefs, political party, or cause they used to support

apothegm (n) : a short, wise statement or saying

appall (v) : to horrify, shock, disgust, or revolt someone

appellation (n) : name or title

append (v) : to add on or to attach

application (n) : the act of applying or the act of putting something on

apposite (adj) : appropriate or relevant to a situation

appraise (v) : to estimate the value or worth of something

apprehensive (adj) : worried or anxious, or having fear of what may happen

apprenticeship (n) : a period of learning or studying under a master in a particular field or craft

apprise (v) : to inform or to give news

approbation (n) : an official approval, praise, or commendation

appurtenance (n) : something added to something else, or a piece of equipment

apropos (adv) : at the right time or in just the right way;

aquatic (adj) : word aquatic refers to living in or being done on the water, or related to the ocean

arbitrator (n) : a third party or person who steps in to smooth over or settle a disagreement

arboretum (n) : a place where many different types of trees and shrubs are grown for study and exhibition

arcane (adj) : meant for or known to only a select few

archaic (adj) : old and out of use

archetype (n) : a model, an original pattern, an ideal form

archipelago (n) : a group of islands or a sea that contains a group of islands

archive (n) : a preserved collection of documents or information

arduous (adj) : difficult, exhausting or requiring lots of energy and effort

aria (n) : a song performed solo, as in an opera

arid (adj) : dry, barren, lacking in rainfall, useless, or dull

armistice (n) : a temporary cease-fire between warring parties just before a peace treaty is made

arraign (v) : to charge or to accuse

arrears (n) : word arrears refers to an overdue debt or being behind in payments or in work

arroyo (n) : a dry creek which fills with water after rain

arsenal (n) : a place for making and storing weapons, a storehouse, a supply, or resources

articulate (adj) : using language clearly or spoken in a way that is easily understood

artifice (n) : a trick, a deception, or a clever move

ascertain (v) : to learn, to find out with certainty, or to discover through investigation

ascetic (adj) : self-denying, simple or without luxury of any kind, strict

aseptic (adj) : germ-free; it can also mean lacking in emotion or warmth

ashen (adj) : very gray or pale, looking like ash

asinine (adj) : stupid, foolish, or lacking good sense or intelligence

aspersion (n) : a damaging remark about someone or something, or verbal abuse

assay (v) : to test, to analyze, to try or attempt to analyze the ingredients of something

assent (v) : to agree to or to approve

assert (v) : to insist on something or to state strongly

assiduous (adj) : very dedicated and determined; one who does things with great care

assonance (n) : similarity of vowel sounds or repetition of vowels

assuage (v) : to ease the pain, to soothe, or to pacify

astral (adj) : related to stars or star-like

astringent (adj) : having a harsh or biting quality; bitter or sharp

astute (adj) : very clever, smart and perceptive

asunder (adj) : cut apart or being apart in direction or position

asylum (n) : a place that offers safety; a hospital or sanctuary

atheistic (adj) : related to a disbelief in god, or rejecting god’s existence

atrocity (n) : a horrible, violent or cruel act

attenuate (v) : to weaken or to lessen the severity, intensity, or value of something

attest (v) : to declare or show that something is true

attrition (n) : wearing away, a normal loss of workers or members by retirement or dying

audacious (adj) : courageous, or having a devil-may-care attitude

audit (n) : an examination of financial records for a person or business

augment (v) : to increase, to grow, or to intensify

augury (n) : a foretelling of the future, a prediction, or the ability to tell the future

aureole (n) : a ring of light often like a halo

auroral (adj) : connected to or similar to the northern lights

authoritative (adj) : truthful, reliable, or having expert knowledge

autocratic (adj) : like a tyrant, assertion of total authority

automaton (n) : a machine designed to work automatically by following a predetermined actions, a robot

autopsy (n) : word autopsy refers to an examination of a dead body, or any detailed inspection

avant-garde (adj) : descriptive of leaders in new fashion, art, literary, or architectural movements

aver (v) : to state positively or declare to be true

aversion (n) : an extreme dislike for something, or a strong reaction against something

aviary (n) : a place where birds are kept

avocation (n) : word avocation refers to any activity that is done in addition to one’s regular work, usually for enjoyment

avuncular (adj) : of or like an uncle

axiom (n) : something that’s generally accepted as true or self-evident