Idiomi – video slovar B


Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

bacchanalian (adj) : related to a drunken festival or wild partying

badger (v) : to bother or to nag

badinage (n) : playful conversation or speak in a witty manner

baffle (v) : to confuse or frustrate someone

baleful (adj) : harmful, threatening, evil in effect or intent

balk (v) : to refuse to do something, to stop short of something

ballast (n) : anything heavy carried in a ship, airplane or vehicle in order to give stability

balmy (adj) : pleasant, soothing, or mild

banal (adj) : ordinary, common place or unoriginal

bandy (v) : to throw or pass back and forth

bantering (adj) : funny in tone or attitude, joking

barb (n) : a spike, a sharp point, or a mean comment or remark

bard (n) : someone who writes poems, a poet

barrage (n) : an unending attack, a bombing, or an overwhelming outpouring

barren (adj) : unfruitful, lifeless, or unable to produce

barterer (n) : a person who does business by trading goods without using money

bauble (n) : a pretty but cheap ornament; the scepter carried by a court jester

bawdy (adj) : funny but indecent, or vulgar humor

beam (n) : a long piece of wood, metal, or other material used mainly to support weight

beatitude (n) : a state of perfect happiness or being blessed

bedlam (n) : a scene of great confusion and wildness or great uproar

bedraggle (v) : to make wet, limp and dirty

behest (n) : an order, a directive or a strong request

belie (v) : to tell lies, to misrepresent, or to prove false

bellicose (adj) : warlike, ready to attack or eager to fight

belligerent (adj) : hostile, inclined to fight, or aggressive

benediction (n) : a blessing or good wishes

beneficiary (n) : someone who benefits from something

benevolent (adj) : kind, good-hearted, or generous

bent (adj) : determined, committed and eager

berate (v) : to attack verbally, to criticize or scold strongly

bias (n) : prejudice or tendency; it can also mean a diagonal direction

bicameral (adj) : a legislative body with two branches or houses

bicker (v) : to have a silly fight or to argue over unimportant things

bilk (v) : to cheat or to trick someone

blanch (v) : to whiten, to lose color or bleach

blare (n) : a loud noise

blithe (adj) : carefree, cheerful or showing no concern

bluff (adj) : bold, outspoken or blunt

blurt (v) : to say something quickly without thinking

bogus (adj) : fake or not real

bombastic (adj) : to be characterized by grand, dramatic gestures, inflated and overblown

bon vivant (n) : someone who enjoys the good life, especially through good food and drink

booming (adj) : very active, busy or loud

bovine (adj) : like a cow; slow and dull

bowdlerize (v) : to cleanup or alter written work so as to make it less controversial

brazen (adj) : bold and unashamed, or extremely cocky

breadth (n) : general size, scope, distance from side to side, or the extent of something

brindled (adj) : gray with dark spots, a spotty pattern

broach (v) : to mention, to suggest or to introduce something as a topic of conversation

bromide (n) : a cliche, boring or ordinary statement that is repeated often

brooch (n) : a piece of jewelry that attaches to a shirt with a pin or a decorative clasp

brouhaha (n) : turmoil, heated confrontation or huge fight over something small

browbeat (v) : to bully, to pressure someone into doing something or to intimidate

browse (v) : to look casually at something, to look without a clear purpose

buffet (v) : to hit with violent blows, to punch or slap

buffoonery (n) : something that’s ridiculous and funny but can be seen as rude or embarrassing

bulwark (n) : a structure that acts as a defense, something that protects from outside danger

bungalow (n) : a small, one-storey house

bungle (v) : to make a mess of something or to do something awkwardly and ineptly

bureaucracy (n) : a group of administrative govt officials and departments

burlesque (v) : to imitate in a comical or mocking manner, or to parody

burly (adj) : large-bodied, big and husky

buttress (v) : to support or reinforce something, often with brick, wood, or stone