Darwin Awards

Dawrinove nagrade lahko prejmejo posamezniki, pari ali skupine, ki izpolnjujejo naslednjih 5 pogojev:

  • ne smejo biti sposobni reprodukcije (torej morajo  biti mrtvi ali sterilni)
  • dokazati morajo izredno nesposobnost presoje (biti korajo skrajno neumni in/ali predrzni)
  • sami morajo nositi posledice svojih dejanj
  • morajo biti mentalno zdravi in sposobni odgovarjati za svoja dejanja (izključeni so torej otroci in pravi norci)
  • dogodek, za katerega so bili nominirani, mora biti dokazljiv

Seveda vsi nominiranci ne izpolnjujejo pogojev. V tem primeru so uvrščeni v kategorijo “near miss”, ki tako kot v letalstvu, pomeni zelo neprijetno bližnje srečanje.

Tole je nekaj primerov Darwinovih nagrad:

Payback (darwin award)
Serbia | 23-year-old Strahinja Raseta was wanted by Croatian police for murder, as well as for a spectacular robbery of a central post office. He fled to Serbia to evade the law. But even bad guys have friends… Read on.

Mortar Fire (near miss)
This moment of blissfully pure and unadulterated stupidity happened while I was building custom exhausts on a series of hot rods. Due to the exacting workmanship required, I did these jobs after hours when I wasn’t distracted… Read on.

Putting the Pain in Propane (near miss)
Florida | Responding to a request to extinguish a routine trash fire, the Lieutenant said, ‘You gotta see this.’ An intoxicated group of men had decided that throwing paint cans into their 55-gallon drum fire was fun, but not fun enough… Read on.

Chutes and Spills (near miss)
Iraq | A group of Marines located some surplus parachutes that had been taken out of active circulation. The silk chutes were good for nothing more than providing shade in Iraq–or midsummer mischief… Read on.

Best Supporting Actor (darwin award)
South Africa | For several days Johannesburg office workers watched a demolition worker chip away at a pillar supporting a concrete slab above him. Dozens of observers watched the slow and senseless demolition proceed… Read on.

Low Flying Drunk (darwin award)
Canada | Sleeping residents of Chilliwack were awakened by the sound of a small aircraft flying lower than usual. The engine noise was like a mosquito, zooming too close too quick, then veering away. What the bleep was going on…? Read on.

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