Idiomi – video slovar C


Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

cadaver (n) : a dead body

cajole (v) : to persuade with flattery or sweet talk

callous (adj) : indifferent or insensitive to other people’s feelings

calorific (adj) : something or someone who produces heat

camaraderie (n) : loyalty and friendship among a group of people

candor (n) : the straight-forward, or quality of being fair, honest, and frank

cantankerous (adj) : cranky, unpleasant or hard to get along with

canter (n) : word canter refers to the movement of a horse that is slower than a gallop but faster than a trot

careen (v) : to sway or lurch sideways, especially while moving rapidly

carnal (adj) : related to the body as opposed to the spiritual; it also means having to do with sexual experience

castigate (v) : to criticize or punish severely, especially to correct a behavior

cataclysm (n) : a disaster, great upheaval that causes sudden and often violent changes

categorical (adj) : absolute, direct, without conditions

catharsis (n) : a release of tensions or purifying of the emotions

catholic (adj) : universal, of a general scope or wide-ranging

caucus (n) : a meeting of leaders to decide on policy, pick candidates, etc

causal (adj) : relating to cause and effect

cavalcade (n) : a procession such as of horsemen and carriages

cavil (v) : to complain, to find fault unnecessarily

celibate (adj) : related to avoidance of sexual activities, or unmarried

chafe (v) : to irritate or annoy

chaff (n) : waste or debris; the word can also be used as a verb, meaning to tease good-naturedly

chagrin (n) : a feeling of embarrassment and annoyance

chastise (v) : to discipline, to criticize sharply, or to scold

chauvinist (adj) : one who has extreme devotion to one’s gender, race, country, etc

chimerical (adj) : imaginary, fantastic, or absurd

choleric (adj) : having or showing a quick temper, irritable

churlish (adj) : one who is mean and rude or grumpy

chutzpah (n) : shameless boldness, arrogance and nerve

circumlocution (n) : wordiness, a way of speaking that uses too many words

clamber (v) : to climb with effort, usually clumsily

clamor (n) : a loud noise or outcry such as a shout, demand, or complaint

cliche (n) : an idea that’s been repeated too much

coerce (v) : to force or compel someone to do something

coiffure (n) : a way of styling the hair, hairstyle

commandeer (v) : to take something by force or to force someone into military service

commiserate (v) : to sympathize with, to show sorrow for, or to offer condolences

commodious (adj) : offering plenty of room or space

complacent (adj) : being self-satisfied and uncritically pleased with one’s circumstances

complaisant (adj) : willing to please or oblige

comport (v) : to conduct oneself in a particular way; it also means to agree or be appropriate

concerted (adj) : mutually arranged or agreed upon; coordinated

conciliatory (adj) : making peace or attempting to solve a dispute through goodwill

concomitant (adj) : existing along with something else, accompanying, or associating with it

connubial (adj) : the state of being married

conscript (v) : to force into service for the government or to enroll in the armed forces

consign (v) : to hand something over or to set something apart

consternation (n) : a great fear or shock causing helplessness

continence (n) : moderation, abstinence or self-restraint

contumely (n) : an act or statement that offends someone’s pride or sense of dignity; harsh treatment

conviction (n) : a strong belief in something, or a determination

convivial (adj) : being fun-loving, festive or joyful

correlation (n) : a relationship between two things

cow (v) : to make one timid by filling with fear or to frighten

cower (v) : to shrink or tremble from fear

coy (adj) : behaving in a shy manner, hesitant to reveal information. it also means to be flirtatious

craven (adj) : very cowardly or fearful

crestfallen (adj) : disappointed, disheartened or feeling low

cynosure (n) : a person or a thing that is the center of attention