Idiomi – video slovar E


Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

edifying (adj) : enlightening, uplifting, instructive and inspiring

efficacious (adj) : producing a desired effect or having the intended result

elucidate (v) : to make clear or to explain effectively

emanate (v) : to derive or to originate

embellish (v) : to decorate or improve using small details; it also means to add imaginary details to a story

emollient (n) : something that soothes the skin, like a lotion or cream

encomium (n) : formal praise

endeavor (n) : a difficult effort, a tough challenge

endemic (adj) : native to a particular area

engaging (adj) : attractive or pleasant

epigram (n) : a short poem or statement that’s clever or amusing

epistemology (n) : the philosophical study of knowledge itself

epitaph (n) : an inscription on a tomb or gravestone in memory of the person buried there

esprit (n) : liveliness of mind and expression

espy (v) : to see from a distance or to spy something far away

estrange (v) : to turn one’s affections away from another person; it also means to remove or to keep apart

euphemism (n) : a mild-sounding word or phrase to describe something that’s actually much worse

exegesis (n) : the interpretation of a text; explanation of religious, legal or literary work

exhort (v) : to urge with strong advice or warning

existential (adj) : related to existence

expound (v) : to explain in great detail, to discuss at length