Idiomi – video slovar G


Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

gaffe (n) : a blunder or a mistake which results in an awkward situation

garish (adj) : tastelessly showy

garrulous (adj) : talkative and irritating

genesis (n) : the beginning of something; it also refers to the first book of the bible

geniality (n) : extreme niceness, kindliness or friendliness

germane (adj) : to the point, relevant

girder (n) : a large support beam, usually supporting the framework of a building or a bridge

gist (n) : the main point of something, the essence or substance

glib (adj) : speaking without thinking or concern; to speak casually

gloat (v) : to show mean-spirited happiness, to be happy about someone’s bad luck or misfortune

glutton (n) : a greedy eater, or someone who has a large capacity to absorb

gourmand (n) : a lover of good food, often to excess

grandiose (adj) : grand or affectedly grand

grapple (v) : to struggle with or hold on tightly to something

grievance (n) : a cause for a complaint, or displeasure from a feeling of having been wronged

grill (v) : to question relentlessly; it also means to cook over a flame

grouse (v) : to complain

gruff (adj) : very rude; it can also mean harsh, as a voice

guileless (adj) : naive or straightforward

gullible (adj) : naive, easily deceived or cheated

gustatory (adj) : related to the sense of taste