Najpogostejše angleške fraze

Objavljamo seznam najpogostejših angleških fraz -vsako lahko tudi poslušate in sicer v normalnem govornem tempu ali pa v počasnem posnetku, kjer boste slišali posamezne morfeme.

Be careful driving.
Be careful.
Can you translate this for me?
Chicago is very different from Boston.
Don’t worry.
Everyone knows it.
Everything is ready.
From time to time.
Good idea.
He likes it very much.
He’s coming soon.
He’s right.
He’s very annoying.
He’s very famous.
How are you?
How’s work going?
I ate already.
I can’t hear you.
I don’t know how to use it.
I don’t like him.
I don’t like it.
I don’t speak very well.
I don’t understand.
I don’t want it.
I don’t want that.
I don’t want to bother you.
I feel good.
I get off of work at 6.
I have a headache.
I hope you and your wife have a nice trip.
I know.
I like her.
I lost my watch.
I love you.
I need to change clothes.
I need to go home.
I only want a snack.
I think it tastes good.
I think it’s very good.
I thought the clothes were cheaper.
I was about to leave the restaurant when my friends arrived.
I’d like to go for a walk.
If you need my help, please let me know.
I’ll call you when I leave.
I’ll come back later.
I’ll pay.
I’ll take it.
I’ll take you to the bus stop.
I’m an American.
I’m cleaning my room.
I’m cold.
I’m coming to pick you up.
I’m going to leave.
I’m good, and you?
I’m happy.
I’m hungry.
I’m married.
I’m not busy.
I’m not married.
I’m not ready yet.
I’m not sure.
I’m sorry, we’re sold out.
I’m thirsty.
I’m very busy. I don’t have time now.
Is Mr. Smith an American?
Is that enough?
It’s longer than 2 miles.
I’ve been here for two days.
I’ve heard Texas is a beautiful place.
I’ve never seen that before.
Just a little.
Just a moment.
Let me check.
Let me think about it.
Let’s go have a look.
Let’s practice English.
May I speak to Mrs. Smith please?
More than that.
Never mind.
Next time.
No, thank you.
Not recently.
Not yet.
Nothing else.
Of course.
Please fill out this form.
Please take me to this address.
Please write it down.
Right here.
Right there.
See you later.
See you tomorrow.
See you tonight.
She’s pretty.
Sorry to bother you.
Take a chance.
Take it outside.
Tell me.
Thank you miss.
Thank you sir.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for your help.
That looks great.
That smells bad.
That’s alright.
That’s enough.
That’s fine.
That’s it.
That’s not fair.
That’s not right.
That’s right.
That’s too bad.
That’s too many.
That’s too much.
The book is under the table.
They’ll be right back.
They’re the same.
They’re very busy.
This doesn’t work.
This is very difficult.
This is very important.
Try it.
Very good, thanks.
We like it very much.
Would you take a message please?
Yes, really.
Your things are all here.
You’re beautiful.
You’re very nice.
You’re very smart.