Idiomi – video slovar I

Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

impasse (n) : a deadlock, a road with no exit

implacable (adj) : unable to be eased or appeased

imply (v) : to suggest without saying so directly

improvident (adj) : failing to provide for the future; incautious

indelible (adj) : permanent, lasting or unforgettable

indomitable (adj) : not easily defeated or discouraged, or invincible

ineluctable (adj) : inescapable, something that can’t be avoided

inscrutable (adj) : difficult to understand, unreadable

insular (adj) : narrow-minded

intractable (adj) : hard to manage or stubborn

inured (adj) : being used to something difficult or painful

invective (n) : an insult or sharp and nasty criticism

inveigle (v) : to persuade someone with kind words, to flatter to get something you want

invidious (adj) : extremely unpleasant or offensive

invigorate (v) : to fill with energy or to enliven

inviolable (adj) : secure from harm, safe from danger, or something that can’t be crossed

invocation (n) : request to god or spirit for help or protection

invulnerable (adj) : very secure, something that can’t be hurt

iota (n) : a very small amount, extremely small quantity

irreverence (n) : disrespect

itinerant (adj) : traveling around or migrant