Idiomi – video slovar J

jaded (adj) : worn out; made insensitive by excess

jargon (n) : word jargon also refers to words or terms used by people in specific fields or occupations

jaundiced (adj) : affected by negative feelings or being prejudiced or biased

jaunt (n) : a short trip for pleasure

jaunty (adj) : buoyantly self-confident or dapper

jettison (v) : to throw overboard or to get rid of things so as to achieve stability in a vessel or aircraft

jingoist (n) : someone who shows extreme nationalism

jocose (adj) : playful or humorous

jollity (n) : great happiness, merriness, and joy

jubilant (adj) : triumphant or thrilled

judicious (adj) : having good judgment or being balanced and wise

juggernaut (n) : something with great power and force that destroys everything in its path

junta (n) : a small group that rules a country after a revolution

jurisprudence (n) : the philosophy of law or the collected system of legal rulings

jut (v) : to protrude or to stick out past the ordinary limit

juxtapose (v) : to put things side by side to compare them