Idiomi – video slovar L

Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

laborious (adj) : requiring great energy, effort or done with difficulty

labyrinth (n) : a maze or a confusing network of passages

laceration (n) : a deep cut or wound

lachrymose (adj) : causing or inclined to shed tears

lackluster (adj) : lacking in brightness, energy or vitality

laconic (adj) : brief with words, concise or something said with few words

laggard (n) : one who is slow and falls behind or a slowpoke

lampoon (v) : to make fun of or to mock

languish (v) : to lose vigor and vitality, to become weak

languor (n) : a lack of energy, lack of interest or spirit

lap (v) : to drink liquid, usually by dipping it up with one’s tongue

larceny (n) : theft, robbery

larder (n) : a place where food is stored, pantry

lassitude (n) : feeling of being tired, or weariness of mind or body; it also means a condition of indifference

lavish (adj) : occurring in great amounts; it also means generous in giving or spending

leery (adj) : cautious, skeptical or attentive

legerdemain (n) : sleight of hand, trickery, or manipulation

leverage (n) : an increased means of accomplishing a purpose with increased influence

levitate (v) : to hover or cause to rise and float in the air

levy (v) : to issue a tax or fine, to demand payment for something

lexicographer (n) : one who writes or compiles a dictionary

liability (n) : a disadvantage, drawback or unnecessary burden

libel (n) : a false statement written out of a desire to damage someone’s reputation

libretto (n) : the words of an opera or similar musical composition

licentious (adj) : immoral and improper, especially in regards to sexual activity

lilliputian (adj) : tiny, extremely small

limber (adj) : flexible or being able to bend one’s body easily

limerick (n) : a short humorous five-line poem

limpid (adj) : perfectly clear, transparent, or unclouded

linchpin (n) : a pin that attaches the wheel to the axle; it also means a vital element

lineage (n) : a line of descendants or members of the same group or family

liniment (n) : a soothing liquid or gel that’s rubbed on injured skin

lionize (v) : to treat a person as a celebrity

lissome (adj) : having a flexible body, athletic

lithe (adj) : being easily bendable or flexible

loll (v) : to lean or lounge in a relaxed manner

lugubrious (adj) : deeply sad and gloomy in an exaggerated way

lumen (n) : a unit of measure for the flow of light