Idiomi – video slovar M

macerate (v) : to soften or break down into parts, usually by soaking in a liquid

machinations (n) : secret plots or schemes, usually with evil intent

madrigal (n) : a short, poetic song for 2-3 voices, with no music

maelstrom (n) : a large whirlpool or a confused or disorderly state of things

magnate (n) : an influential person in a specific field, especially in business

malapropism (n) : a comical or embarrassing misuse of words

malcontent (adj) : someone who is discontented or rebellious

malediction (n) : a curse, cruel words

malefactor (n) : someone who does harm, a bad person, like a criminal

malevolent (adj) : wishing harm to someone, showing ill will or mean-spirited

malfeasance (n) : wrongdoing or misconduct, specially by a public figure

malicious (adj) : having or showing ill will, wicked

malleable (adj) : able to be hammered, pounded, or pressed into shapes without breaking

mandate (n) : an authoritative command or order

manifest (v) : to make clear or evident, to reveal, or to appear

manifesto (n) : a public declaration of motives and intentions by a government, person, or group

manumit (v) : to set free, as from slavery

marginal (adj) : being on the outer or lower limits, borderline

marquee (n) : word marquee refers to the area that hangs over the entrance of a theater

martinet (n) : someone who is strict or who sticks to the rules

masochist (adj) : one who receives pleasure from being dominated, mistreated, or hurt physically

matriarch (n) : a woman who rules her family or tribe; it can also mean a highly respected elderly woman

maudlin (adj) : overly emotional, sappy

maul (v) : to injure by beating or tearing

maverick (n) : someone who takes an independent stand; it can also mean a wild, unbranded animal that has strayed

mawkish (adj) : emotional to the point of being unpleasant

meddlesome (adj) : being inclined to interfere or tamper with something or someone

medley (n) : a diverse mix, a jumble of things

melee (n) : a fight involving several people, a chaotic battle or brawl

mellifluous (adj) : like honey, sweet and smooth

mephitic (adj) : sickening smell, stinky, or poisonous

metaphor (n) : a word or phrase that draws a comparison between two unlike things

metaphysical (adj) : abstract or related to philosophical discussions around reality, truth and being etc

metaphysics (n) : the branch of philosophy that seeks to explain the nature of being or reality

mettle (n) : an inherent quality of character or courage

miasma (n) : a poisonous atmosphere, sickening air or something like it

microcosm (n) : a little world, miniature

migratory (adj) : word migratory relates to animals or other creatures that move from place to place

milieu (n) : cultural and social surroundings, environment

minion (n) : an employee, hireling, or subordinate

misanthrope (n) : someone who hates other people

mite (n) : a small insect; a small bit

modulate (v) : to change or to tone down

molt (v) : to shed an outer covering, such as skin, feathers, etc

momentous (adj) : extremely important or significant

monastic (adj) : secluded and simple, often monk-like

monolithic (adj) : massive, solid and uniform in appearance

montage (n) : combining several elements (especially images) into one composition

morbid (adj) : gruesome or preoccupied with death. it can also mean extremely unhealthy

mortician (n) : someone who works with dead bodies and prepares them for burial or cremation

mosaic (n) : art made with small bits of material like stone or glass to form a larger image

mote (n) : a small speck, usually of dirt or dust, a fragment

motif (n) : a theme or subject that appears in an artistic work

motley (adj) : containing a great variety such as being multi-colored

mottled (adj) : spotted

multiform (adj) : having different shapes or different kinds, diverse

munificent (adj) : willing to give, feeling selfless and generous

musty (adj) : a stale smell or being outdated

myriad (n) : variety, a great number of things