Idiomi – video slovar N

Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

natty (adj) : excessively neat and fashionable

neologism (n) : a new word or a new way of speaking

neonate (n) : a newborn child

niggling (adj) : being overly concerned with or requiring great attention to small details

nirvana (n) : a state of bliss, state of perfect calm or peace

noisome (adj) : disgusting, offensive, gross, or harmful

nomenclature (n) : a set of terms used by a group or community

nonplus (v) : to confuse or to puzzle

noxious (adj) : harmful, upsetting or causing damage

nullity (n) : a state of nothingness or something that is not valid

numismatist (n) : a collector of coins or currencies for studying purposes or as a hobby

nuptial (adj) : related to a marriage ceremon