Idiomi – video slovar O

Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

obeisance (n) : a gesture showing honor or respect

obfuscation (n) : something that causes confusion, unclear

oblique (adj) : indirect or not straightforward

obstreperous (adj) : noisy, unruly, or hard to control

obtuse (adj) : lacking in insight or intellect, or slow to comprehend; it also means not sharp or pointed

officious (adj) : overly eager to serve or to advise, usually in a bossy way

ominous (adj) : threatening or suggesting something bad is on the way

operetta (n) : a light, amusing opera with spoken dialogue

opus (n) : a musical composition or literary work

oracular (adj) : being like an oracle, offering wisdom that seems to come from god

oratory (n) : ability to speak well in public

ordinate (adj) : the arrangement of things in regular rows

ornate (adj) : beautifully detailed, showy or decorated

ornithologist (n) : a scientist who studies birds

ovation (n) : a long round of applause, lengthy cheers

overt (adj) : clearly evident or obvious

overwrought (adj) : overworked or fatigued; it can also mean very nervous or excited