Idiomi – video slovar P

Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

paean (n) : a song or a few words of praise or tribute

palliate (v) : to bring some relief or comfort

pallid (adj) : unusually pale, weak, or lacking intensity or spirit

palpitate (v) : to beat rapidly, especially one’s heart

paltry (adj) : extremely small and worthless

panacea (n) : a cure-all, a solution for everything

panache (n) : having a lot of style and flair

pander (v) : to give satisfaction to someone, often in order to gain something yourself

panegyric (n) : statements of great appreciation, usually very formal

pantomime (n) : a performance that contains no words, only actions and gestures

paradigm (n) : a model or a set of beliefs

paragon (n) : an example of excellence, a positive model

paraphernalia (n) : equipment or apparatus

pariah (n) : someone who is cast out of a group or someone who is hated and avoided

parochial (adj) : related to a local church; it also means narrow or limited in scope

peccadillo (n) : a minor or petty offense, or a slight fault

peerless (adj) : without equals, superior to everything, champion

perennial (n) : a plant that lives all seasons or for several years

perplex (tr v) : to confuse or puzzle

pluck (v) : to pick or pull on something

predilection (n) : having a preference or liking for someone or something

prelude (n) : the introduction to a main event, performance, or action

profuse (adj) : plentiful or generous

propensity (n) : a natural tendency to something, inclination or bias

purist (n) : one who follows strict, often formal, rules and observances