Noun Clauses – vaje

Noun Clause Sum Summary of embedding questions, statements and commands as noun clauses
Noun Clauses 1 Reported/Indirect Speech: Wh Questions
Noun Clauses 2 Reported/Indirect Speech: Yes-No Questions
Noun Clauses 3 Reported/Indirect Speech: Commands
Noun Clauses 4 Reported/Indirect Speech:  Statements (Quoted Speech); other words for said
PRACTICE Infinitive-Subjunctive Commands: changing infinitive phrases to clauses : order, command, want, expect
Noun Clauses 5 Beginning a sentence with a that or a what clause
PRACTICE Azar Chapter Review 12 – noun clauses
Noun Clause Quiz Practice Quiz (auto-correcting quiz)
Reported Speech Qz In context: An Interview – changing reported speech to quoted speech (auto-correcting quiz)