Modal Verbs – vaje

Modal  Verbs

Modal Summary Summary of modal usage
Degrees of Certainty Expressing degrees of uncertainty: will, may, might could, may have, might have
Future Intent Expressing scheduled events vs. intent: will, be going to
Mixed Tenses Using connectors with mixed time frames: so that, said that, which, who, if … then
Predictions Expressing predictions and expectations: will, should and be supposed to
Future Perfect Stating plans vs. making predictions for completion: will have done
Advisability Expressing advisability – should, ought to
Ability Expressing ability: can, could, be able to
Request-Suggest Giving permission, making requests and offering suggestions: may, can, could, would, shall, let’s
Problem Solving Using should and could to offer ideas and advice.
Expressions-Would Expressions with would: stating preference, making requests, used to, making excuses would have
PRACTICE Modal Review – Review the many meanings of modals
Modals Article Modals in context; recognizing modals and meanings
PRACTICE Modal Flash Cards
Late Advice Hypothetical statements with modals: options not taken; advice after-the-fact; should have, could have
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