Passive Voice – vaje

passive sum Summary of passive voice usage
focus on obj Sentence transformation to place emphasis on the receiver.
“by” phrases Determining when to include the “agent”; by phrase
focus ind obj Leading with the indirect object in a passive sentence.
never passv Verbs that cannot take passive voice: happen
get passive Expressions with get; It’s not my fault; I did it myself; I got it done
participial adj 1 Participial adjectives: agent vs. receiver;  amused vs. amusing; -ed vs. -ing endings
participial adj 2 Participial adjectives: ongoing vs. completed, a roasting vs. roasted chicken; -ed vs. -ing endings
particpl prep Participles adjectives and prepositions; interested in, surprised at
PRACTICE part prep prac Participial Adjectives and prepositions:  known for; concerned with; accustomed to
ppartcpl phrs Past participle modifying phrases: was located / located
ppparti phrs Past & present-participle modifying phrases: served as / serving as
passv contxt Recognizing Passive Voice
been-being Contrast the sounds/words been and being