Idiomi – video slovar D


Kliknite na povezavo in si oglejte kratko animirano razlago posamezne fraze.

dabble (v) : to do something lightly, superficially, or not seriously

dapper (adj) : very neatly and fashionably dressed

debase (v) : to lower in value, quality, character or dignity

debauch (v) : to corrupt, or lead away from morals

debilitate (v) : to weaken, to sicken or to harm

delirious (adj) : suffering from extreme mental excitement or being extremely confused

demote (v) : to reduce to a lower grade or rank

denounce (v) : to speak out against or to condemn

descry (v) : to look over or to discover by searching hard

deter (v) : to prevent, to discourage, or to keep from doing something

dialect (n) : a regional or a socially distinct variety of a language

diatribe (n) : a harsh verbal attack, sharp criticism or rant

dichotomy (n) : a division into two parts, groups, or halves

diction (n) : a way of speaking, including choice of words, pronunciation, and so on

dictum (n) : an authoritative pronouncement; a popular saying

diffuse (adj) : scattered across a wide area, broadly distributed

din (n) : very loud noise or confusing sounds

discourse (n) : a formal discussion about a subject, like a speech, sermon, or long written work

doctrine (n) : a body of teachings in a branch of knowledge or belief system

doff (v) : to take off clothes; it also means to lift a hat in a greeting

dolt (n) : someone who is stupid or dense

don (v) : to put on a garment or other item of clothing

drawl (v) : to speak slowly, especially by drawing out the vowels

droll (adj) : amusing in an odd way

dross (n) : the waste or impurities removed from refined metal; inferior or a trivial matter